Managing WordPress website on VPS has never been easier

Vepp is a web panel that helps you get the most out of VPS – performance, flexibility, and security without facing exhausting administration.

Power and simplicity in one control panel

We believe that managing WordPress websites on a server should be available to anyone and not only admins. Doesn't matter whether you are a website owner, an ecommerce administrator or marketer. This is why we made Vepp.

With Vepp you get your WordPress server deployed and ready-to-go in minutes. You don't spend hours configuring domains, mailboxes, and SSL certificates. Because Vepp makes it simple and you have time to grow your business.


Make your website fast, stable and secure

All features

Easy start and pain-free migration

Dive into powerful VPS hosting. Get stability, scalability, and performance without facing exhausting administration. Migrate your existing WP website from any hosting to Vepp-managed server, or install the new one with a template.

Website management reimagined

With Vepp, you can assign a domain, create an Email, install an SSL certificate for traffic encryption. You will also enjoy automated backups to Google Drive and monitoring system of your domain and website availability.

Stability and security

Vepp keeps your website secure. You always get the latest server software, which is updated automatically. Built-in firewall (coming soon), free SSL cert, and ImunifyAV antivirus protect your website from scammers and fraud threats.

WordPress on VPS is easy

With Vepp, it’s easy to launch and manage a WordPress website on a server, be it a high-traffic website, an ecommerce project, or a popular blog, regardless of your level of administration skills.

Goodbye shared hosting

There are lots of WordPress website owners who are used to the simplicity of Shared Hosting but outgrew it. They will appreciate how easy it is to upgrade to VPS with Vepp. No more viruses, speed drops and website blockings.

Create not administrate

Grow your portfolio developing websites, not administering them. Create and manage all clients' websites in one convenient place. No need to register new accounts. You can have them all on Vepp.

Earn more money with Vepp

Make more profit by offering customers a simple control panel to manage WordPress websites on VPS. Deploy the Vepp platform on your own infrastructure and sell it as a convenient SaaS service.








First impressions on Vepp

I have configured a VPS for a website before. I remember that I have spent more than an hour before I could start working with a WordPress template. Vepp can do the whole setup in just 10-15 minutes. It's magic to me!

Pavel Temnikov

Owner of a puzzle shop

Behind a simple interface of the panel, there is a fairly powerful program that can publish a website, link a domain, and create a mailbox. Pretty convenient when everything is intuitive and in one place.

Raphael Zampieri

Hardware engineer

Previously, I have only communicated with clients in offline. But recently, I have decided to start my own website about the healthy lifestyle. With Vepp, I easily figured out how to create a blog by using WordPress templates.

Marina Sangaletti

Health consultant

I was impressed by the approach Vepp uses to make the user's life easier. All routine operations are automated: first launch, server installation, domain connection — minutes instead of hours comparing to other solutions.

Dmitry Lytkin

Head of a logistics project

While testing Vepp, I really liked that all the key settings are located in one place and always at hand. And there is a great selection of templates with filters by topic. Vepp definitely makes life easy for website owners.

Frédéric Biesse

IT Engineer

Before I met Vepp, I thought that a website builder is my maximum. Now, I know for sure how I can save money by creating my website with a WordPress template without facing the terrifying VPS settings.

Varvara Kuznetsova

Personal stylist

At first we were looking for a site builder, but for our micro-business this led to unnecessary costs. So we turned our attention to WordPress with Elementor. Vepp also helped to install everything on the server from OVH for 2€.

Julian Aebersold

Craft brewer

Vepp allows you to complete common tasks, such as creating a new WordPress website or adding a free SSL certificate. It even lets you configure things like MySQL databases, and easily optimize websites you have added.

Abhilaksh Lalwani

Partner at Serenade Magazine

I really like the truly intuitive design of Vepp. The concept of focusing on business instead of tech things is right up my alley! After all security and marketing features are added, Vepp may become a great assistant for any website owner.

Anastasia Karpo

Business analyst

I found three WP templates for my new website. But before diving into the content I wanted to test which template works faster. It took me less than 30 minutes to manage everything. I selected one of them and easily deleted the others.

Jovita Obadolagbonyi


I worked with four different hosting panels since the late '00s. And while all other players keep competing in the number of features they have, Vepp stakes on easiness and a true image of a modern website owner.

Anton Varnin

Video freelancer

I previously had experience with site builders but I was never satisfied with their limited pool of features. Vepp, per contra, allows you to make fine configurations and even a person with no tech skills can work with the panel.

Deepa Jayaraman

Social media expert

WordPress is an excellent solution for marketing specialists. But...

Thomas Smith

Web Developer

Mass mailing can go wrong. Connection speed can drop, or even the entire website can go down.

Nastya Kuznetsova

Content manager

Check promptly if your website is available, create backups, contact tech support and much more.

Nastya Kuznetsova

Content manager