Friendly panel for website and server management

It helps you easily install a website, assign a domain, and get free SSL. It also protects you from viruses and failures.

Simplicity and flexibility in one control panel

We believe that everybody can build a website. It may be a small landing page, an ambitious e-shop, or an enterprise website built on CMS, website builder, hosting, or cloud.

Vepp will take care of technical stuff: prepare a server, install a CMS, configure domain and SSL. You can focus on what’s important for you: website creation, promotion, and content.


From website creation to server management

All features

Install a website

You can create a website on WordPress in just 10 minutes. Vepp won’t help you with content or design but will allow you to easily install a CMS, or upload a template or files from the computer. Just add a server - and here you go!

Set up a domain and install an SSL

Select a domain registrar. You can buy your domain where it costs less. You can still assign it to your website easily. It’s even easier with SSL: a free certificate will be installed automatically, while a paid SSL can be added in just 3 steps.

Secure a website and its visitors

With Vepp, you can be sure that your website won’t be blocked by web browsers or search engines, and your clients won’t lose money. Firewall, and DDoS protection are already there. Free antivirus will be available soon.

Website is easy

With Vepp, it’s easy to manage a website, be it a personal blog, a landing page, or an e-shop, regardless of your level of skills.

More websites!

Independent version of PHP and MySQL for every website, flexible system of rights for different users. We have all you may need to manage dozens of projects from a single panel.

Forget about routine

Find great features behind an easy-to-use interface. Why use the console if you can click on just 2 buttons in Vepp instead of using 10 console commands? Configure LAMP, check logs, automate!








First impressions on Vepp

I have configured a VPS for a website before. I remember that I have spent more than an hour before I could start working with a WordPress template. Vepp can do it in just 10-15 minutes.

Pavel Temnikov

Owner of a puzzle shop

I was impressed by the approach Vepp uses to make the user's life easier. All routine operations are automated: first launch, server installation, domain addition.

Dmitry Lytkin

Head of a logistics project

It’s so easy to install and manage. Without Vepp, it usually takes an hour to set everything up with lots of debugging when something went wrong. Easy to use and no special tech knowledge required to install.


Finally, a new and truly intuitive design, the use of new technologies in the panel, and of course more automation for the administrator, these are the most important points in the panel.


Before I met Vepp, I thought that a website builder is my maximum. Now, I know for sure how I can save money by creating my website with a WordPress template without facing the terrifying and complicated VPS settings.

Varvara Kuznetsova

Personal stylist

After all security, marketing, and SEO features are added, Vepp may become a great assistant for any website owner.

Anastasia Karpo

Business analyst

An innovative and very easy to configure and use service. Very essential for those who are starting and for those who already have experience with servers and websites.

Ednei Santos da Silva

Very easy to start. A user needs to do nothing to make his first website. All necessary settings for professional are accessible with manual creation of a website. I’m looking forward to the stable version.

Stanislav Kinzerskiy

I worked with three different control panels since mid-2000. While all competitors keep competing in the number of features they have, Vepp stakes on easiness and a new image of a website owner.

Anton Varnin

Video freelancer

Vepp allows you to complete common tasks, such as creating a new WordPress website or adding a free SSL certificate. It even lets you configure things like MySQL databases, and easily optimize websites you have added.

Abhilaksh Lalwani