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A simple tool for complex tasks: website and server management, domain, mail, and SSL settings. Be the first to try it!

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For pros and newbies

Vepp simplifies work with your website and server management and adds value for web studio customers and providers

Website owners
Site management became easier. Install CMS templates, configure domains and SSL in a few clicks.
Digital studios
Work with tens of projects from a single Vepp panel. Your clients will appreciate its simple interface.
Web administrators
Deploy and control Nginx or Apache easily with Vepp. Manage PHP, MySQL versions and set up Cron.
Hosting providers
Clients doesn't mean admins. Website owners need simpler tools than traditional panels. As simple as Vepp.

Vepp features

Alpha version includes all the essential website management features. Web professional and admin tools are not fully ready and to be released soon. Later we will also launch our marketplace and the on-premise version.

CMS parameters

Select a template before installing a CMS. Install, update and manage user access.

Domains and subdomains

Configure A and AAAA records. Specify Name Servers. Configure Mail Domain.

SSL certificates

Protect data of your website visitors. Order, install and renew SSL certificate with Let's Encrypt. Upload existing certificates.


Manage your website data easily. Upload and create, copy and move, archive and download files. Choose URLs and manage access.

Website settings

Set up the index page, root directory, and error pages. Choose a PHP mode and version.


Create MySQL and MariaDB databases. Add users. Create and upload dumps.


Use mailboxes with your own domain to raise trust of your subscribers. Create mailboxes and mail domains.


Be sure your server and website work properly. Monitor disk space, CPU load, and website traffic. All data in one dashboard.

Vepp marketplace

Extend Vepp functionality via extensions for security, web development and etc.


Enable scheduled backups to secure your data. Backup into local or cloud storage. Choose backup period and content.

How to start testing Vepp

To start testing, you will need a clean server with root access. You can get it from your provider.

  1. Register in Vepp panel, it's free.
  2. Connect a clean server with Root.
  3. Create a website, assign a domain, install an SSL.
Installation guide

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