Automatic backups and virus scanning with Vepp — on daily basis

Automatic Backups
Nastya Kuznetsova
Content manager

When you monitor the security of your website, it is important to check it regularly for viruses and not to forget about backups. So Vepp does it automatically, every day.

Backups are stored for 10 days so that the drive does not overflow. You can enable anti- delete protection for backup archives.

To enable automatic backups, go to SettingsBackupsCreate a backup copy. Turn on the option Create automatically. Done!

Automatic Backups in Vepp

Automatic virus scan and treatment are enabled by default in Settings — Antivirus ImunifyAV+:

  • Check daily toggle switch, 
  • Configure button — Remove viruses automatically box.

Virus scanning with Vepp – on daily basis

In March we will make notifications about created backups and viruses found — you will get them by email!

UPD: Notifications are now working! In case of an error, when Vepp was unable to create a backup, you will get an email. In addition, you will get one if the website is unavailable or infected with a virus, or if the SSL certificate has not been renewed. We will soon launch notifications delivery to messengers.

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Nastya Kuznetsova
Content manager

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As of October 14, Vepp will become free to use for a limited time. Free use of the platform is subject to two conditions.

Pasha Karpovskiy


Fraudsters will not be able to send emails on your behalf. Meanwhile, your messages will not be sent to spam.

Nastya Kuznetsova

Content manager

If something goes wrong, Vepp automatically notifies you to the email. It will soon be able to send notifications to messengers as well!

Nastya Kuznetsova

Content manager