How to Backup a WordPress Site. Using 5 Best Backup Plugin

How to backup a WordPress site
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Websites can be hacked, servers can go down, and admins can make mistakes. To protect yourself against these misfortunes, make sure to backup in time. But first, let us get one thing clear: where to and how to back up a website properly.

Where to
The best place to store your backup is a cloud: Google Drive, Yandex.Disk. Dropbox, Cloud, or iCloud. A local PC is just not secure enough — data can be compromised, while the website server is not reliable enough — it can malfunction.

There are numerous ways to create backups: manually, through control panel, or using special services. Learn more about each of these methods here: How to back up any website.

As for WordPress-based websites, you can also use plugins. Check out our article about the best plugins no one can deal without. for more details. And we are about to tell you about best WordPress backup plugins below.

Plugins and Their Features

We picked five popular plugins from All of them were downloaded by many users, have good reviews, documentation and various user manuals — therefore, can definitely be trusted. Each has a free and a full version. The functionality is similar, something like this:

Free Version Features:

  • a copy of entire website: all files, databases, WordPress plugins, and themes;
  • backups of files of databases only, you can leave particular files or spreadsheets out;
  • automatic scheduled backups;
  • local and FTP server backup storage;
  • backup download and manual website restoration function;
  • no user support provided, only the forum at


Extra Features Available in the Full Version:

  • incremental backups: only files that were modified since the latest backup are copied;
  • automatic backups at any convenient time, or according to a detailed schedule;
  • cloud backups storage;
  • restoration from backup with a couple of clicks;
  • support provided at plugin website or by email;
  • multi-website support;
  • reports, including by email;
  • backups delivery by email;
  • website migration to another domain.

Slight differences exist in migration to another domain or reporting forms. Multi-website support can be either in free or full version. Different number of cloud storage options can be offered. However, key differences are listed below.

1. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

Free version
Cloud backup storage is not available.
+ Restoration from backup with a couple of clicks. Does not seem much, but not a common feature in free versions.

Full version
+ Data encryption is available.
+ You can turn on automatic backup immediately before WordPress theme and plugins update.

$42 fixed non-recurrent fee for 2 websites.
Licenses of all five plugins cover only 1 year of support and updates, and can be extended with a 10-40% discount off the original price, depending on the plugin.

To plugin webpage

2. BackWPup

Free version
Restoration from backup is not available. You can only download the backup and deploy it manually.
+ One of the two plugins, which allows to store backups in a cloud: Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, RackSpace Cloud, SugarSync.
+ You can check, correct, and optimize databases.

Full version
+ Backup encryption and restoration are available.
Website migration to another domain is underway.

$69 fixed non-recurrent fee for 1 website.

To plugin webpage

3. Duplicator — WordPress Migration Plugin

Free version
The only plugin not to provide free backups according to schedule — only available manually and «now».
Cloud backup storage is not available.
You cannot restore the website from the backup, only download the copy.
+ User support available on website, when free versions often provide only forum support.

Full version
Incremental backups are not available, and it is a big con.

$59 fixed non-recurrent fee for 1 website.

To plugin webpage

4. WP vivid Backup Plugin

Free version
Full website backups are not available: only files and databases, without WordPress plugins and themes.
The only plugin to limit the number of backups — up to 7 can be stored.
+ One of the two plugins, which allows website backup copy storage in a cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces.
+ Restoration with a few clicks is available, but only from local storage.
+ User support by email is available, in addition to support forum.

Full version
Incremental backups are not available yet, coming soon.

$49 fixed non-recurrent fee for 3 websites.
Perpetual license is also available, including perpetual support and updates, at $99 fixed non-recurrent fee for 3 websites.

To plugin webpage

5. WP Database Backup and WP All Backup

Free version, WP Database Backup
Only database backups are available. In return, you can restore them :)Full backups are available in paid version.
+ Cloud backup storage is available: Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3. But keep in mind, this only applies to databases.

Full version, WP All Backup
You cannot plan backups at any convenient time, only according to schedule: daily, weekly, monthly.

$22 fee for 1 website per year.

To plugin webpage

Give These Best WordPress Plugins a Try

Our review is just a summary of their functionality. The pros and cons can be of different value depending on your needs. Neither can we decide for you, which interface you like better, and how the plugins will affect your website performance.

Therefore, our recommendation would be to try a few plugins. One thing we are sure of, these five are worthy of your time!

If you do not want to go through trial and error, you can back up WordPress site easily with Vepp. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface. You can make full backups and store them on Google Drive or local machine.


As a matter of fact, Vepp can do more than just backups. It is a fully-fledged website and server control panel. It will help you to install an SSL certificate fast and easy, keep track of website statistics, find and treat viruses and much more.

How to Maintain a Website

Check out how to automate WordPress launch and maintenance

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