How to Configure Mail Server in Vepp and Make It Work

How to configure mail server in Vepp
Nastya Kuznetsova
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We recommend using corporate mail on your own domain like so that your clients and partners could recognize your letters in their mailboxes. It’s convenient and it tells about your serious approach. Also, emails with corporate email domain are less likely to end up being in spam. And that’s what we need, isn’t it? You can configure mail in Vepp.

The control panel will help you create a mailbox like on the same server with your website. All you need is Vepp, a domain, and a website created in Vepp.

Step 1. Sign in to Vepp

Log in to Find your website in Websites.

All website cards in Vepp

Step 2. Create a Mailbox on a Server

Go to Website settings, then Mailboxes section, and click on Create a mailbox

Website settings, Mailboxes in Vepp

Step 3. Configure the Mailbox

Specify the name of your mailbox in the Address field and create a Password.

You can use the field Send copies to the email. Leave it empty if you don’t want any copies to be sent to an external mailbox.

Click on Create and wait until Vepp finishes its job.

Configure the mailbox in Vepp

Step 4. Assign the Email to a Domain

If you bought a domain through Vepp, that’s all, your email already works. Vepp set up all the necessary settings. You can create a few more inboxes for all your employees. Move to step 5 in order to set up an email client.

But if you bought a domain at a different place, you’ll need to do a couple more configurations.

So far, we’ve only created an inbox — a pretty name for your email. It just lies there on a server and won’t work by itself. Now you are going to need to tell the postal service about your email, it sends and receives letters. You’ll need to create DNS records at a domain registrar in order to do that.

A registrar is a company you bought a domain at. If you don’t remember what your registrar is, you can use the Whois service to find that out. Enter the domain name and you’ll see your registrar’s name in the Registrar field.

Create an MX Record

All registrars have different interfaces but the point is the same — in order to create an MX record, you’ll need to fill two fields:

  • name a domain — mine is,
  • specify an email server —

Done — you’ve created an MX record and used it to tell the postal service on what server your email is located. It’s like you’ve given our post office a name.

Create an A Record

But at first, find your IP address in Vepp: the My websites section — the IP field. That’s what an IPv4 looks like —, and that’s an IPv6 — 2001:db8:6:56::53.

Let’s go back to our registrar — Add a record. If you have an IPv4, create an A record, otherwise — create an AAAA record.

All registrars have different interfaces but the point is the same — in order to create an A record, you’ll need to fill two fields:

  • name the server’s address —,
  • specify the email server — your server’s IP address that you looked up in Vepp.

Done — you’ve created an A record and used it to tell the postal service that your postal server is located on a server with a website. It’s like you’ve told them at what address your post office is located.

The only thing left to do is wait until your DNS records update. It may take up to 72 hours but generally, it takes from thirty minutes to two hours. Check whether it is assigned by using G Suite by Google. If it’s there, you can start working with your mail.

Step 5. Start Working With Mail

You need a mail client to be able to send or receive emails. Vepp uses RoundCube. It allows working with mail in a web browser.

In order to open RoundCube in Vepp, click on Create a mailbox in the Mailboxes section.

Alternatively, you can use the URL of the form Use the public IP address of website instead of the domain. Log in with the address and password of the mailbox.

RoundCube will be opened. It has the easy-to-use interface of a mail client and all popular features. You can use it to set up signatures or email templates.

Also, you can edit the parameters of your mailbox right there. Go to Website settings and open Mailboxes. However, why edit them? You have done everything right before. Just create another one if you need it.

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