Need a Website? 5 Reasons to Create It in Vepp

5 reasons to create a website in Vepp
Vika Fedoseenko
Content manager
How to Maintain a Website

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It Is Easy

Upload a website to hosting, add a domain, create a backup. You don’t need a lot of professional knowledge to do it in Vepp. It makes complicated things simple and saves your time. Just compare WordPress installation with Vepp and without it:

With Vepp

  1. Add a server.
  2. Select a CMS template.

Without Vepp

  1. Configure a web server (Apache, PHP).
  2. Create a directory.
  3. Create an FTP user.
  4. Create a database.
  5. Download and install FileZilla.
  6. Download CMS on your computer.
  7. Upload CMS to your server with the help of FileZilla.

It Is All-In-One

Vepp manages basic website software and can replace a lot of additional services for file uploading, backups, mail, and statistics. You can work with just one fast and powerful service instead of operating a few applications.















It Is Convenient

We researched what tasks users want to solve and worked out different scenarios so every tool in Vepp is at its own place. URL, technical domain, CMS access, backup information, server statistics — everything is up your sleeve on the website card. Links to different forms are located close to parameters so you could edit them quickly. Disable your website or activate the 503 error in just one click!

Дашборд Vepp

It Is Reliable

We have all our experience to Vepp (15 years of software development!). This is why Vepp does a lot of things per default.

  • Vepp installs open-source software only from official sources so it is always stable and has no viruses.
  • If Vepp suggests to select a version, it always warns you if the version you want to install is too old.
  • If Vepp configures somethings per default, it always uses the optimal parameters.

It Is Fun!

We tried to make Vepp so useful that you won’t want to leave it. So we also added some love and fun. You’ll understand what we mean later but now - a little spoiler. Look how our mascot levitates: it suggests to take some rest while Vepp takes care of boring and complicated work for you.


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Vika Fedoseenko
Content manager

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A website is a home. Nobody knows its true cost until the construction is finished. Nobody, except us.

Vika Fedoseenko

Content manager

Mass mailing can go wrong. Connection speed can drop, or even the entire website can go down.

Nastya Kuznetsova

Content manager

People put their websites on shared hosting without knowing about the common IP address, resources or bad neighbors.

Chris Thompson

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