Website services: 35 free webmaster tools

Website services: 35 free webmaster tools
Nastya Kuznetsova
Content manager

The secret of professional web-masters lies in hundreds of supporting services and a loooot of experience. While you gain your experience, here are some super services for you. All of them are free but you can get paid access to extra functionality.

Text check services


Dupli Checker checks texts for plagiarism. Paste your text in a form (max 1000 words) or upload a file. The service will highlight plagiarised (non-unique) parts of the text and provide you with a link to the source.

Сopyscape fights against plagiarism. Give it a link to a page with your text and the service will show where its copies are on the Internet.

Keyword Density Checker shows whether you went too far with keywords. Paste a link to a page you need to check and it will show the most frequent words and phrases. Look at the results and draw conclusions.

LanguageTool looks for mistakes: orthographic or grammatical, notices some problems with vocabulary and style like «then-than». Check texts on English and 20+ more languages — it’s free for 20 000 characters at once (6 pages of continuous text). It can be installed as an extension and check already published texts.

Hemingway teaches to write like the eponymous classic, laconic. The service shows which sentences are overloaded with verbs, passive voice, and what else can be done to make the text easier to read.

Google Keyword Planner checks keys for the number of Google requests. Generally, this is the Google AdWords tool for the advertising but no one stops you from using it for the key search and website optimization. Go for it!

Google Trends keeps track of popular and seasonal Google requests. Here you can monitor whether your keys’ popularity grows year after year or not, how good they are in different months and quarters. You can even check the last hour. There is an analysis of the general search, news, images, and YouTube.

Texthandler prepares texts for web page making. It removes double spaces and line breaks, saving paragraphs. The service puts <p> at the beginning and at the end of the paragraph and puts <br /> in the right places. It also changes the letter case: ALL UPPERCASE, all lowercase, CaSe AlTeRaTiOn, and a couple more interesting variants.

Ilovepdf works with pdf. Combine and divide, compress and rotate, paste and extract images. It’s a tool for pdf lovers, what can I say.

Image management services


Unsplash gives away free illustrations. Come, download, rejoice. We know at least five such stocks. If this one is not enough, ask in comments. Or you could always google it.

Shutterstock gives away free illustrations and paid photos. Come, pay, rejoice. We know some more paid stocks as well: both we and Google.

Flaticon stores icons. Pick according to your preferences, there are paid and free ones, black and white and colored ones, linear and filled, separate and in sets — on a variety of different subjects.

TinyPNG compresses images. Upload any images in PNG, the service will eat everything unnecessary while keeping the quality. Why? Because there can’t be too much space on a server and heavy pages tend to load longer. But after compression, you can add everything to your website without hesitation.

FireShot makes screenshots, it can capture only the visible area of the screen. Download this extension and use it directly from your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Opera). You can find its icon beside the address bar.

Window Resizer adjusts your browser window to a window on an iPhone, a laptop and a desktop with different resolutions. Install this extension and test the web page making, it works with Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Opera. It nicely combines with the screenshooter above — you can create screenshots of a particular size.

Figma prototypes. Do it with this service and enjoy it. You can work on prototypes with your colleagues, all changes are saved automatically, files are stored in the cloud. You can set the general style to the elements and then quickly change it in all the layouts at once.

Сanva designs. Create posters and presentations, banners and flyers, illustrations for social media and invitations. You can do it using your own images and photos or Canva templates. There are free and paid templates for social network headers, posts, and even stories format.

Website creation services


Online-convert converts images to 12 different formats. Generate favicons from logos, for example.

Google Fonts distributes free fonts. Download them, there are 800+ variants in the library. turns an unreadable code into a readable one, supports CSS, HTML, JavaScript. Format single row code, the service will lead it to a standard style.

Colorzilla detects colors of buttons and other web elements. Install this extension to Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox and use it. One click — and you have a color code, the second click — the code is buffered. You can also make gradients.

Apps.eky generates CSS-triangles. Don’t worry, that you can’t make a triangle using CSS. In this service, all you need to do is specify the size, the type and the direction of a figure. Done — you can copy the code from a CSS column. generates loading indicators: from simple circles and strips to animated text and zodiac signs. Select the size, animation speed, colors, and download. There are paid and free indicators.

Dimensions counts pixels on the web. Measure the distance between elements in Google Chrome. A similar extension for Opera is OMeasure!, for FireFox — Measure-it.

ColorPicker Eyedropper determines colors on the web. Eyedrop colors in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera and find out their codes.

Website promotion services


Google Analytics collects information about users on the website. Look how they behave, how they interact with ads, from what sources they come more often. Analytics reports everything — analyze and adapt.

Google Ads «serves» ads: contextual and display ones. Create ads for search, banners and videos for third-party websites. There is a guide with recommendations for newbies.

Mailchimp sends newsletters. Keep 2000 addresses and send up to 12000 letters a month — it’s free. If you want more, you’ll have to pay. You can create newsletters from pretty templates. You can’t make automate newsletters in the free version though. But the service has been tested and email deliverability is 96-99%.

Keywordtool helps to choose keywords for Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon и App Store. It’s considered to be a simplified alternative to Google Keyword Planner. It generates up to 750 requests in the free version but provides no data on the frequency of use.

Sitechecker conducts a SEO audit. Give it a link to the required page and find out website’s general SEO data. The service will check headings and meta tags, scan links. It will indicate your mistakes and tell you which of them are critical.

Google Page Speed Insights analyzes page opening speed on PC and mobile devices. Enter the URL and find out the loading time and some recommendations on how to shorten it.

SimilarWeb helps to analyze your competitors. Find out any website’s traffic, channels, and keys which traffic flows on, audience loyalty.

Link Checker from W3C validator checks links. Check separate pages or the whole website. It will find broken links and nonexistent pages.

Mobile-friendly Test, Google Search Console tool, checks whether it is convenient to view a page on mobile devices. Enter the URL and find out.

SSL Checker checks whether an SSL-certificate is properly installed or not. You can set a notification to the SSL expiration date and it’s free, cool! It’s especially convenient for Let’s Encrypt that needs to be reissued several times a year. Or it doesn’t if you work with Vepp.

Vepp is a service for server and website management. It issues Let’s Encrypt automatically if you create a website on a domain that is assigned to a server. If you assign it later, you can get yourself a free SSL in three clicks. And also Vepp automatically reissues Let’s Encrypt.


A paid certificate can also be installed in three clicks directly from a website card. You won’t even need any instructions to do that. Try it!

Nastya Kuznetsova
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Nastya Kuznetsova

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