How Much Does It Cost to Create a Website in 2020

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Website in 2020
Vika Fedoseenko
Content manager

Imagine, you are a builder. One day a friend comes to you and says: "Buddy, I’m tired of the city bustle, I want to build a house in the woods. How much is it going to be?" Quite a turn of events! But what will you say to him?

Any builder will ask: "What kind of house do you want? What do you want to have it built of? Do you want to do it yourself or will you hire builders?" After all, the cost of a modest wooden shack, built alone, and a two-storey brick cottage, built by a construction company, is incomparable.

It’s a similar story with the price of websites.

Of course, creating a website is much easier than building a house, but there are also many options: you can quickly and cheaply put together an online business card, or you can create a luxurious online store over a long time and at high cost. That is why it is impossible to give a straightforward answer to the question "How much does it cost to create a website in 2020?"

In this article, we will tell you about the cost of the website, the options for its creation and for what situations they are suitable. We will give you approximate prices and show you where you can check them. At the end of this article, we present comments from real people who told us how much their website cost. However, let us start with a brief overview.

  • Websites are different and cost differently, from €5 to €500 or more.
  • A simple business card website, based on a free theme or built in an inexpensive website builder, will cost around €35 per year.
  • An online shop with a catalog, product cards, shopping cart and order form will require a paid theme and modifications. Theme will cost starting at €30, freelancer service — €40 to €90 / hour.
  • For a website with unique design and features it is worth paying a web studio. They will charge from €100 to infinity.
  • If we simplify and arrange the ways to create a website by cost, we will get approximately this scale:
    website builder or CMS — from €25 to €120,
    freelancers — from €40 to €90 / hour,web studios — from €100 to infinity.
  • There is always a way to save money. For example, do some of the work yourself or find a developer among your friends and ask for help for the old times’ sake. All of these will be discussed in the article.

What makes up the cost of the website

The price of the website consists of the composition and scope of work to be done, as well as the cost of the tools.

Composition of the work. To create any website you need to follow approximately the same path. We have looked at a dozen estimates used by web studios — they are all different in details, but generally similar.

It turns out that on average the process consists of four stages: design, development, publication in the Internet, development and managing content. Sometimes the estimate includes promotion, but we will leave it out of consideration for now.

Design Development Launch Content
Logo and general style.

Homepage design.

Internal pages design.
System core and database architecture design.

Development of functional elements (filter, catalog, shopping cart, calculators, feedback forms etc.).

HTML page layout.

Deployment on hosting and domain assignment.
Text writing.

Image design.

Content publishing at the website.

Scope of works. It depends on the tasks of the website, how many pages and what kind of pages it will have. The bigger their number and the more non-standard their functionality, the more expensive the development will be. Compare a landing page and an online store and you will understand why the price of their development is different.

Landing page Business card website Internet portal Corporate portal
Main page


About company
Main page


About company


Main page


About company

Catalog of products

Product card

Shopping cart

Order form


Seller’s area

+integration with CRM
Main page

Company structure

Document templates

Time tracking

Knowledge database






+integration with CRM

Who and how will create the website

You can build a house on your own, log-by-log or brick-by-brick, you can entrust the difficult work to builders, and finish the rest by yourself, you can buy blocks and put them together with friends, or you can simply leave everything to the construction company. The price will be different.

The same is true for the website: you build it manually, almost free of charge; you can order design and development from freelancers; you can order the entire website in a web studio. Let us consider each option in a bit more detail.

First, the option with yourself being the "DIY developer". Yes, you can build a website yourself, just like a home. It is true, though, that in 2020 nobody really builds websites "brick-by-brick", from scratch. As a rule, CMS themes or website builders are used. They can be either free or paid.

How: CMS themes — free or starting at €30
CMS (Content Management System) is a system used to manage the website’s content. It is a software which helps you to create a website. It contains typical blocks and elements, which you can choose or change to assemble your project quickly. In addition, CMS provides tools to manage the website after it has been created.

The most popular CMS is WordPress. It has thousands of free themes and hundreds of plugins. You can select the appropriate design for the task among themes, and add the desired features using plugins. For example, you can add a product card or payment module.

WordPress is used both by beginners and professional developers. Both for simple and complicated tasks. A simple website based on the theme can be created by yourself, and if you need to refine it further — seek the help of freelancers. But please be warned that creating a website yourself is by far not the easiest way. Read the article about creating a WordPress online store to get a better understanding.

Catalog of free themes at
Themes store ThemeForest
Templates store TemplateMonster

How: website builders — starting at €25 /month
Website builders are the services where you can build a website online. Essentially, they are also themes, only they are easier to work with: not through admin settings, but in drag-and-drop mode, just by dragging elements with the mouse. In addition, website builders are usually more specialized: for landing pages, online stores and many other websites.

Even a user with zero experience will cope with a website builder. Nevertheless, if you need a special design, the freelancers will be of help again. As a rule, they are well acquainted with tools, so they do it nicely and quickly.

In comparison with CMS, creating a website in a builder is expensive, and in addition, website builders bind the owners to themselves, and limit the possibility of technical configuration. Therefore, if you have big plans for the website, it is better to look in the direction of CMS or individual development. If you want a simple landing page, look no further: website builders are the optimal solution for you.


Who: freelancers — from €40 to €90/hour
In large companies, the website is developed in a whole team. The web-designer designs pages, and the developer creates their layout. The website is used to accomplish many business tasks, so employees dedicate 100% of the working time to the website. But not every project needs so much attention. In order to avoid hiring people on the staff, companies turn to freelancers — private specialists who work for different customers.

Designers, web developers, commercial writers — anyone can be found on freelance platforms. Designer will create the layout, develop the style, and prepare the illustrations. Web developer will improve the theme for your tasks or build a website from scratch. Writer will prepare the texts for the website.

The cost of freelancers’ work depends on tasks and requests. On average specialists at Upwork or Fiverr charge from €40 to €90 per hour. To find out for sure, create a project on one of the platforms and just start communicating with several freelancers. It is free and gives an understanding of prices better than any article on the Internet (even ours).


Who: web studios — starting at €150
A web-studio is a construction team, only in the Internet. It is a whole team of designers, developers and managers. You can give a studio the task "make a website" and get it as a finished product: you do not have to do anything yourself, you do not have to look for a freelancer for anything. But you will have to pay for all the services.

Studios have well-established processes, quality control and a lot of experience, so their services are more expensive. They are usually approached when special design, complex functionality, development from scratch or complex integration is required.

In case of a simple business card for a small company it makes no sense to use a web studio, since a theme or a few hours of freelancer’s work will be sufficient. But only a studio can help to build a cool corporate portal. The work costs from €150 to infinity. You can check the price on the website or by talking to managers — no money is charged for this, after all.

The list of top web design companies

The real price of real websites

Now you see that there are many options for creating a website. And that’s only in theory, while in the real life, everything is even more interesting. For example, you can:

  • Order the logo and general style design, and then put it all into a free theme yourself.
  • Get a free theme, and order a freelancer to rework it.
  • Buy a theme or pay a subscription to a website builder and fill it yourself. But to pay for texts or illustrations.
  • Order everything from a web studio.
  • Buy a ready-made website on sale (yes, this is also possible).

Your particular case depends on the task, your abilities and the Almighty Fortune. Somewhere you will be able to save money, somewhere you will make a mistake and overpay, somewhere everything will be as planned.

To be sure to save money, use WordPress and Vepp

Among all ways of saving, the most efficient is to use a WordPress theme. You will be able to modify it at a later stage with the help of a freelancer.

An easy way to manage a WordPress website
Vepp is a website and server control panel. It comes with numerous built-in WP templates, you can add your own or migrate an existing website easily.

Vepp will install a free SSL certificate and renew it when the time comes. In addition, it will scans the website for viruses every day, create backups and monitor the website’s availability. Vepp will notify you of any errors by email.

Free for 7 days.

Try Vepp

How to Maintain a Website

Check out how to automate WordPress launch and maintenance

Watch the video
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