How much does a promotional website cost?

How much does a promotional website cost?
Vika Fedoseenko
Content manager

You can create a promotional website yourself for free or in a sitebuilder for €5. You can also go to a web design agency. They will do everything for you but for €150 or more.

What’s the point of a promotional website

A promotional website suits small companies and individual specialists: doctors and tutors, construction teams and ateliers. They work offline, tell about their services in person or by phone and accept only cash. They don’t need a big website but a promo website may come in handy if their clients would want to confirm the address, services, and prices. If necessary, they can add contextual advertising.

You can manage without a website: there will be info in catalogs, on message boards and maps. But admins are responsible for their content. If they let a mistake through, you will have to find an admin of the catalog and ask them to correct it. If there's a page from your competitor in the same catalog, you can't really do anything about it. So it's much easier and better to have a separate website so your clients won't see any competitor name on it.

A promotional website won’t be a good choice for selling goods online, for online consultations, collection of applications and payment acceptance. You need a portal or an online store for that.

Why is social media not enough?

A promotional website's part can be played by a social network community. It's easier to launch it: register, fill with info, add new members — you're all set. No need to pay for hosting and domain, create a website or adapt a template. However, a community won't do if you want to receive traffic from SEO and configure ads outside of a single social network. Besides, if a website is good, people trust it more.

We’ll describe shortly how a promo website should look, and then we’ll see how to create it.

What a promotional website should look like

A promotional website should be useful, convenient and neat.

The most important thing for any visitor is information. If they find an answer to their question, everything else will be forgiven. That’s why it is essential for a promotional website to have the following sections:

  • “About Us”
  • “Services”
  • “Contacts”

They can be either on the same page or on different ones, it doesn’t matter.

A convenient and neat website makes a good impression, so no obnoxious fonts, and banners. A resource adapted to mobiles doesn’t scare the audience, using smartphones. The one optimized for search engines will attract new clients for free: they easily find the website through the search upon direct and indirect requests.

You can create such a promo website yourself from scratch or go to a web design agency.

What do I pay for?

Some people think that a website doesn’t cost anything. They say these are just some pages, why would someone pay for them. But there actually is a reason.

A website cost adds up from several components.

Hosting is a place on a server that is connected to the Internet. The website won’t be accessible without it. There is free hosting but it’s not secure. The secure one is going to cost you about €22 to €9,000 / year.

A domain is a website address. For instance, People won’t visit your website without it. There are free domains but only in unpopular areas, so you’d better not save on them. Besides, they don’t cost much — €2 to €20 / year.

Development is basically a process of creating such pages. You can manage without developers to create a promotional website, just use a sitebuilder or a CMS. You don’t need to be a programmer to use them and CMS are free.

Content and promotion is a whole different topic. They hardly relate to the promotional websites but if you are interested, you can read about it in our article A short guide for adding content and website promoting.

The formula turns out to be quite simple. The website cost = Hosting + Domain + Development + … You have to pay for hosting and a domain but it’s up to you whether you should pay for everything else, it depends on how fast you want to create a promo website and how hard you are willing to work. Basically, the cost depends on the time/money ratio.

Let’s consider a few options. We’ll go from expensive to cheap.

Web design agency: from €150 for development only

Expenses: high
Labor costs: low

A web-studio develops customized websites. A customer prepares a specification with detailed requests, the rest is on a development team.

It makes sense to pay a professional if you set high standards for your promotional website:

  • the unique design is required;
  • work speed and website adaptability are important;
  • support is required after the launch — updating the website, technical troubleshooting and regular efficiency check.

A promotional website development in a web design agency will cost you from €100 to €400 / month. The higher the standards, the higher the cost. You can look for agencies and compare them on the list of top web design companies. Look at portfolios, read the customer feedback online.

If you don’t need a unique design and subsequent support but you are still not ready to do everything yourself, use freelance. Find a freelancer at Upwork or Fiverr, they charge about €40 to €90 / hour.

Summary: studio services cost from €100 to €400 / month + the cost of a domain and hosting.

Sitebuilders: from €45 a year

Expenses: average
Labor costs: average

A sitebuilder is a service for a website “construction” from the pre-made elements, it includes hosting, sometimes a domain. Almost everyone can create a promotional website using a sitebuilder. But the subscription is paid and costs more than hosting and domain bought separately. The design of a website created using a sitebiulder depends on the selected service.

Sitebuilder examples:

  • Wix. Many great templates, simple interface. It costs €4,5 a month for a tariff with limited functionality and ads, €8,5 a month for a tariff with a domain and no ads.
  • Squarespace. A sitebuilder with emphasis on design. Many beautiful templates for photographers, bloggers, artists, and musicians. It costs from €11 a month.
  • Weebly. There are not many templates but there are lots of functions for website creation and management. It costs from €5 a month for an ability to assign a domain, from €10 a month for disabled ads and advanced features.

Check a sitebuilder before paying. Sign up and create a test website — most services give such an opportunity.

Sitebuilders have their disadvantages: design and website structure is limited and hardly suits everyone. You can’t move a ready project to another hosting or you have to pay for that, the subscription cost is going to grow.

In total: a promotional website creation will cost from €5 a month. To fill the website with content, you can hire a freelancer, it’s €40 to €90 / hour.

A template + hosting: from €20

Expenses: low
Labor costs: high

The cheapest way to create a promotional website is to do it yourself. An inexperienced person is capable of doing this if they spend a few evenings. The website’s design will turn out pretty regular but you’ll save money.

What’s required:

  1. Buy hosting. Our article on choosing a suitable hosting will help you.
  2. Buy a domain. Our hints on buying a domain may come in handy.
  3. Install and configure a WordPress template. More about that below.

Go easy on yourself, use a control panel. For example, Vepp. You can connect any hosting provider’s server to Vepp. You can also find a hosting company that provides services along with Vepp — it’s up to you.

Vepp is a service for newbies. It helps to install CMS on hosting, assign a domain, upload files, and monitor whether everything is fine with your website.

The service is simple and you don’t need any instructions to work with it. But just to make sure you’ll be ok, we made a step by step guide — How to install WordPress on hosting using Vepp. Once you configure a template, add some images and text.

In total: from €2 for a domain name + from €10 a month for hosting with Vepp.

What to choose

  1. If you have infinite money and you don’t want to get involved in creating your promo website — pay a design agency or hire a freelancer.
  2. If you have a small budget and some time, create a website using CMS.
  3. If you are not ready to pay for a website — create it for free or with minimal financial costs. Vepp will help!
Vika Fedoseenko
Content manager

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