Wordpress Online Store: How Not to Lose Customers

Wordpress Online Store: How Not to Lose Customers
Thomas Smith
Web Developer

Your own shop isn't always about profit, but it's always about challenges. Why does everyone keep quiet about it?

After all, it's obvious: to launch an online store you have to do a huge job. Launch the website, fill it with photos and descriptions of goods, set up payment systems, place all the necessary documents. And then also set up delivery, answers to questions...

And there is no guarantee that at the end of this path the founder of the online store will get profit. They may simply be no sales. That is, the problems are guaranteed, while sales and success are not.

But when the huge way to launching the store is behind, nobody wants to go back. The owner of the website only gets time to catch his/her breath and then enthusiastically rushes into the battle for a brighter future again: advertising in search engines and social networks, collaboration with bloggers and much else. The most advanced owners mix tools and launch an advertising campaign.

The advertising campaign can fail, but even if it works, it also does not guarantee sales. Yes, at the very last step, the website itself can fail. Visitors will come with the desire to give their money, and the online store just will not load. They will leave, and the poor website owner will lose his/her nerve and give up.

Are all of these fears familiar? Have you recognized yourself or a friend? Then we'll tell you what to do so that the website does not fail.

Take Care of Hosting

Yes, this article is about WordPress, but it cannot go without mentioning hosting. As skillful as a racecar driver may be, if he is driving a wreck, there is not a chance of victory. However engaging a new game may be, if your hardware just isn’t up to the level, you will not be able to fully enjoy it. Same goes true for hosting.

— How to find the best hosting for your website

Hosting is just another computer. And every new visitor is another bit of load on that computer. If the hosting is weak, the website will be slow and go under eventually. What does that translate into for an advertising campaign? A complete failure!

All users attracted through hard work and high costs will, at the very best, see a slow website, and in the worst case — the browser’s page «This site can’t be reached». And then, say goodbye to the money you invested into advertising. It will literally go down the drain.

What Actions Can Be Taken About Hosting

  1. Stop using shared hosting: it is neither secure nor reliable. Choose a VPS (virtual private server) or cloud server. For example, choose Digital Ocean.
  2. You will need at least 1 Gb RAM and 10 Gb of disk space. Do not try to save a penny!

Here’s what a landing page looks like with a hosting fails to cope with visitors surgeHere’s what an online store looks like when a hosting fails to cope with visitors surge

Enable Antivirus

As much as we all love WordPress, there is no denying the truth: the system is incredibly vulnerable. The engine is being developed by a poorly centralized community, so errors are inevitable. Every year enthusiasts discover dozens of security gaps in WordPress. Internet frauds write malware to penetrate your website through these gaps, just like viruses do to computers.

— Viruses on websites: what they are and how to check for them

Of course, your online store will not get infected immediately after you launch it (unless you are in a fierce competition with someone). Viruses act automatically: they simply browse through the list of technical addresses and seek security gaps. If you happen to have one in your website, you are under threat.

What does getting infected with a virus means for an advertising campaign? Anything: a virus can simply increase hosting load, for instance, by setting up cryptocurrency mining. Or, it may steal personal data or post ads on your home page. The worst of all is if a browser or a search engine find a virus on your website. They will block user access to the website, and you can kiss your money goodbye then.

Online Antivirus
It is complicated to remove the virus independently, and you need to detect is first. Enable the antivirus to help.

  1. Virusdie
  2. ImunifyAV
  3. Or any other antivirus available in the server control panel.

Google Chrome blocks infected websitesGoogle Chrome blocks infected websites

Create Backups

As Murphy’s law says, problems happen. Your hosting mail fail, a virus can penetrate the barriers, or you may simply press the wrong button when you are too tired or short of time. If any of these should happen, you will have a backup of your website ready to go. Otherwise... you know what will happen otherwise. If none of these ever occur, good for you, but better safe than sorry.

— How to backup a website

You can back WordPress websites up manually. Just go to your hosting, open the folder and copy the entire contents to your computer. It may not sound convenient, but it will get the job done. Although automatic backups are a far more advanced way to go.

Set up Automatic Backups

Numerous services are available for automatic backups, e.g.:

  1. BackupGuard
  2. DropMySite
  3. Handy Backup
  4. Any server control panel can help you do it.

Talk to Your Admin

If you have one, that is. A web administrator is a professional, who deploys a website on hosting, configures email and domains. In general, he/she ensures smooth operation of your WordPress landing page.

But a web administrator is a technical person, and marketing folks do not always have seamless relations with tech folks (if you know what I mean). And after all, what if your web administrator is plain busy when your advertising campaign starts.

Just imagine: you launch a campaign, your traffic is on the rise, the website starts to slow down or even goes under, and you are left all alone face-to-face with the problem.

What Your Admin Should Know

  1. Make sure to let him/her know that you are about to launch an advertising campaign.
  2. Ask to check everything, tell about the hosting, antivirus, backups.
  3. Ask him/her to be available for reaching during the campaign.
  4. If you do not have an admin, buy a server control panel. It will not be able to replace an admin entirely, but will be a strong help.

Web administrators are all different people. Some can be quite a character Web administrators are all different people. Some can be quite a character

How to avoid wasting your advertising campaign

  1. Check you hosting. Do not try to save a penny, buy a VPS or a cloud server for your upcoming advertising campaign.
  2. Install antivirus.
  3. Create backups.
  4. Talk to your admin.

Each of these tasks is a lot easier when you have a good server control panel. It helps you manage your VPS as if it were a shared hosting. The panel features built-in antivirus and automatic backups tool. And, of course, the panel will replace a web administrator, although not always. At least, it will let you seek your admin’s assistance as little as possible.

Vepp Is the Perfect Control Panel for a Vps-Hosted WordPress Website


  1. It works with a Digital Ocean cloud and any VPS.
  2. Built-in antivirus.
  3. Backups.
  4. Vepp is incredibly convenient and user-friendly, so even a complete novice will be able to navigate through.

Try Vepp now

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Web Developer

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