How to backup a website with Vepp

Vepp makes a backup in a couple of clicks
Danya Kolesnikov
Marketing specialist

A backup is a website copy that is saved just in case. One may also call it a reserve copy. A website backup will save you if something goes wrong: you updated a module and your website crashed or deleted an important file — restore from a backup and everything will be ok.

A website backup can be full, in that case, all files are copied, or partial, then, for example, only databases are.

What backups Vepp can make

Vepp makes full backups for every website separately. You can store several copies, there is no limit — once you make a new backup, the old one isn’t deleted.

You can store copies on the same server where your website is or on external storage — Google Drive. This way you can save drive space and get to keep your data, even if the server goes down.

How to backup a website with Vepp

There are two ways to make a backup in Vepp: on the website card and in settings. We’ll look into both in detail. Follow the instructions, and you’ll figure it out!

1. A backup in the website card is the most convenient method

Just go to the website card and on the Backups widget click Create.

The website card in Vepp

Select storage for your backups:

  •  Local storage — for backups on the same server the website is on.
  •  Google Drive — for backups on separate storage, we recommend it!

Vepp makes a backup in a couple of clicksVepp makes a backup in a couple of clicks

If you selected Local Storage, the configuration is over, Vepp will make the first backup.

If you selected Google Drive you need to sign in and let Vepp create files in your storage. You can always change the account or disable access to it.

Let Vepp store backups on Google DriveLet Vepp store backups on Google Drive

Done! A loading circle is going to appear in the website card for a little while — Vepp is making a backup. When it’s finished, you’ll see a status «Created today».

2. A website backup through settings — you can watch the backup history

Open the website card and go to Settings — Backups click on Create a backup copy.

Backup procedure in the website settingsBackup procedure in the website settings

The second step is to select storage and sign in to your Google account if necessary.

Enter storage locationEnter storage location

When Vepp makes a backup, here you’ll see its size, time of creation, and storage it’s on. You can also watch the history of previous backups.

Vepp is making a new backupVepp is making a new backup

How to download or restore from a backup

What can one do with a website backup? You can download it in order to save it somewhere else or edit its content. You can also restore your website from a backup if something happened to it.

Important! After the restoration is complete, you are going to lose all the new files and the change history. You’ll be left with what your website contained before backup.

From the website card, go to Settings — Backups.

Find the website backup you’re looking for and click on the menu beside it. Then click Download copy or Restore.

Download and restoration of a backupDownload and restoration of a backup

If you clicked Download copy, everything is ready, the download will start.

If you chose the restoration, confirm your action by clicking Restore


Confirm the website restorationConfirm the website restoration

Done! Now you will easily configure backups, always do it before making important changes to your website. Make backups beforehand, store several of them, preferably on Google Drive. And read other helpful instructions:

Danya Kolesnikov
Marketing specialist

Vepp does not collect website statistics itself – but it works with Google Analytics, which does.

Nastya Kuznetsova

Content manager

You can manually start the website check for free but the treatment of infected files is paid.

Danya Kolesnikov

Marketing specialist

We’ll tell you about the installation of a paid SSL certificate because Vepp handles the free one itself.

Nastya Kuznetsova

Content manager