How to Check a Website for Viruses With Vepp. Using Imunifyav

How to check a website for viruses with Vepp
Danya Kolesnikov

We’ve already told you what viruses are, how they get to your website, and how to delete them manually. Vepp provides an easier method — a site virus scanner ImunifyAV.

More About the Antivirus

ImunifyAV (ex Revisium) is an antivirus developed by the CloudLinux company. The software is updated for 7 years and according to the developers, it cured more than 10 000 websites.

The free version of the site virus scanner scans a website and shows what file contains a virus. You can remove or edit this file if you know what part is infected.

The paid version allows you to cure a site with viruses in a couple of clicks, it costs €5 a month.

How to Find and Cure Viruses

In order to find viruses, start the scan. The easiest way is pressing the Check the website button on the website card.

See the Check the website button? Go ahead and click it to check your site for virusesSee the Check the website button? Go ahead and click it to check your site for viruses

Once the scan is complete, the antivirus will show you the «No threats detected» caption or the number of viruses. If there are any, click Clean up

This function is available only in the paid version. If you didn’t buy a license, the antivirus will suggest paying €5.

The site is infected, click the Cure buttonThe site is infected, click the Cure button

You can also start the scanning process in the section Website settings — Antivirus ImunifyAV. In the Infected files tab, you can highlight the ones you need, cure them or delete. And in the Scan history tab, you can view the history of all previous scans.

A list of infected files. You can either cure or delete themA list of infected files. You can either cure or delete them

We recommend curing files with the antivirus or manually rather than deleting them. A virus could infect system files and removal of these files may break the website down. If you want to cure them manually, you might want to use the recommendations from our previous article.

Antivirus Configurations

We sorted out viruses. Now let’s talk about 2 helpful configurations of the antivirus. All configurations hide under the Website settings — Antivirus ImunifyAV — Configure button.

The first one regulates the server resource consumption. If your server is powerful, you can allow the antivirus to use more RAM and start more scan streams. But the more scan streams there are, the higher the VPS load is.

The second configuration is the ability to turn on the automatic treatment. If you have a license, the antivirus will cure files after every scan.

Antivirus settingsAntivirus settings

Done! Now you can configure ImunifyAV, scan websites, and remove viruses. Check your websites for viruses regularly, make backups, and read other helpful articles.

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