How to Install WordPress on a Hosting Using Vepp

How to install WordPress
Vika Fedoseenko
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Forget about extracting an archive and installing a database. Just select a theme, Vepp will take care of everything else.

Installation Requirements

To install WordPress you’re gonna need a server (a hosting) and Vepp.

A server is a computer where websites are published so they could be accessed through the internet. Servers are usually rented from hosting provider companies. It’s easy and cheap. If you don’t have a server yet, read our article How to find the best hosting for your website.

Vepp is a service for managing websites on shared and dedicated servers. It’s distinguished by its simplicity. Even a total newbie can install WordPress, assign a domain and configure backups using Vepp. There are at least 5 reasons to create it in Vepp.

— You can purchase Vepp from us or at a hosting provider along with a server. If you buy it from us, you’ll need to connect a server to it.


You may also need a domain. A domain is a website’s address on the internet. You won’t need it if you install a template in order to test it and start filling. But when you launch a website, having an address is essential. We have an article for this case as well: What is a domain name and how to find a good one.

So, you have a server, Vepp, and maybe a domain. Let’s install WordPress on a hosting. It won’t take more than three minutes (unless you’re really picky when it comes to choosing a template).

Step 1. Choose a Method of Creating a Website

Open Vepp and hit a Create a website from a template button.

The start page in Vepp

Step 2. Choose a Template

Choose a template. Select Demo if you want to open a demo version of a template in a new tab. Click Select when you are done choosing.

How to select a WordPress template in Vepp

Step 3. Enter the Website’s Domain

At this point, you’re gonna need to enter your website’s domain. If you don’t have one yet, buy it or select Assign a domain later option. In this case, Vepp will create a technical domain that you can change later. Enter a technical name and then select Create a website.

Enter the website’s domain in Vepp

Step 4. Wait Until Your Website Is Created

Vepp is going to configure a web server, create a directory, an FTP-user, a database and install CMS. Once the installation is completed, the website’s card will open. To check how your template looks, click Go to website.

Click the link WordPress admin panel to open it. The panel will automatically sign you in to WordPress. Your login and password are located in this tab as well.

Website card in Vepp

Step 5. Create the Best Website!

It is done! The template is installed and ready to be configured. Now you can tinker with your website’s design and content in WordPress, and configure a web server’s performance, connect an email, check your website for viruses, and monitor server load using Vepp.

WordPress admin panel

A website’s looks and content are the most important things

Once the WordPress template is installed, you need to configure it and fill it with content. Here is a piece of advice for you not to mess up.


Configure it yourself. WordPress has a very intuitive interface, you’ll figure it out. Video lessons, documentation and WordPress forum are going to help you with that. There are also plenty of user materials in every possible language.


Install a page builder. There are thousands of different useful plugins for WordPress. Including convenient drag-n-drop website builders with Wix-like interface. One of them is in our article  best plugins for WordPress that are absolutely essential.


Buy a template. There are more paid templates, so it is easier to find the one that will require the least amount of work on your side. There is a lot of paid themes on ThemeForest and Premium WordPress Themes. And even more stores and reasons to buy a theme in our article To buy a WordPress template or not to buy? Not a question at all.


Hire a freelancer. Not only can he configure a template, but he can also fill your website with content. You can find specialists for different tasks at Upwork and

How to Maintain a Website

Check out how to automate WordPress launch and maintenance

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Vika Fedoseenko
Content manager

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Installation of WordPress can be manual or automatic. Here we will describe both types.

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