How to assign domain to hosting through your registrar

How to assign domain to hosting
Nastya Kuznetsova
Content manager

If you have just created a website, it will be available via an IP address. You need to enter a set of digits like 188.723.349.60 in your web browser address bar to open the website. Such a set isn’t so easy to remember, is it?

However, you can replace digits with words which will be easier to remember and choose from. These words are called domains. For instance, the domain of our website is You need to buy a domain and assign it to your website to make it open with a domain name.

If you have purchased a domain via Vepp, your domain is already assigned to your website. Nothing else to do. But if your domain was bought somewhere else, then read the information below. In this article, we’ll describe how to assign a domain via your domain registrar.

If your domain is already assigned, we recommend going further and configuring mail to be able to send emails from a real name.

Step 1. Sign in to your domain registrar

A registrar is a company you have purchased your domain from. If you don’t remember who your domain registrar is, use any Whois service to check your domain and find the name of your registrar. Sign in to the website of your registrar.

If it’s not the first time you’re doing this, and you’d like to manage all domain records in Vepp, use our documentation.

Step 2. Create A-records

Select a domain. Find the section with DNS servers and the list of resource records (RSS). It’s different for every domain registrar.

Here you may find A-records with the IP address of the registrar. Replace it with the IP address of your server. You can find it in Vepp: Websites — IP-address

If you use an IPv4 address consisting of four decimals spaced with dots like, you have to create A-records. If you use IPv6 consisting of hexadecimal numbers spaced with colons like 2001:db8:6:56::53, then you need AAA-records.

Edit or create two A- or AAA-records:

  • The first one with a name/subdomain @ is needed to open your website via name.domain. For us, it’s
  • The second record with a name/subdomain www is needed to open your website via For example, for our website it is

Step 3. Wait until records are updated

You have successfully changed information at your registrar. Now you have to wait until it’s updated. It may take 24-48 hours.

Come back in 24 hours and check whether the website can be opened via the domain name.

If the website doesn’t open via the domain name in 48 hours, try cleaning your browser cache. If still no success, then ask help from the registrar support.

Nastya Kuznetsova
Content manager

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Nastya Kuznetsova

Content manager

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