How to Promote Your Blog. 4 Good Ways to Find New Readers

How to promote your blog
Nastya Kuznetsova
Content manager

If you have many helpful and interesting articles but your analytics leaves much to be desired, it’s time to think about blog promotion. There is an infinite number of blogs on the Internet, they are just like stars in the sky. To get your own galaxy of readers, you need to blow up the net.

Now we’ll tell you how to promote a blog and find your readers. We are going to help an imaginable Kate.

КатяKate has a travel blog. She’s been to Thailand, Spain, and Baikal, and now she is telling the world about these countries. She’s got two regular readers — Mary and Oliver who is, among other things, a cat, for better or worse. And there are just a few who visit her blog from time to time. What a pathetic sight.

1. Comment on Articles in Other Blogs and Media

Find popular blogs on your subject or a similar one. Find articles on that you could leave a helpful and interesting comment. Leave a link to your blog if that’s appropriate. But only if it is because otherwise, the link will be removed. Your comment might get removed along with it, and you might get banned.

Yes, a lot of manual labor will be required. However, comments work for the long run — they are just there, always attracting new readers for you. You don’t need to update your comments. If they are really helpful, people will like them, which means more people will notice them and go to your website.

In order to succeed at blog promotion:

  • choose from a broader variety of subjects,
  • leave actually helpful comments,
  • sign up for a website and leave a link to your blog in the profile.

КатяKate googled travel and lifestyle blogs. She looked through the first ten, found articles about Thailand, Spain, and Baikal. She left comments with lifehacks on how to save money and what underrated places to visit — those articles didn’t have such insights. It’s cool but you can do better!


Kate did everything right but she took an obvious path. You can choose from a broader variety of subjects and thus do much more. Go to a craft beer blog and tell there that there is the Rifestal brewery with Danish roots of the early 20th century in Siberia, practically on Baikal. And then go to a repair blog and tell everyone how the famous Spanish tile was born. And don’t forget to leave a comment about Thai street food in a cooking blog.


Super cool, if you have detailed information about all this in your blog, you can also leave links. Basically, links to your blog should be your main priority.

2. Respond on Forums and Q&A Services

There are websites where some people ask questions and others respond. For example, forums: they are usually thematic, people discuss different topics in separate branches. There are also Q&A services: these are not about having conversations, people just want answers on their questions. These services aren’t usually thematic — it’s everything about everything but the questions are divided into sections and tags.

Popular Forums With Specific Subjects

If there is a separate forum or a service on your subject — be sure to go there. You’ll definitely find your audience and questions. Respond and don’t forget about blog links.
LonelyPlanet — about traveling
SEOChat — about SEO promotion
Marketing Forums — about marketing and web development
TopGoldForum — about making money on the Internet
Babycenter — about bringing up children

Popular "Everything About Everything" Services

If there are no separate services or forums on your subject, go to the «everything about everything» services. Find your questions in the right section or through the search — respond. Your goal is to help people and leave and appropriate link to your blog.

Answers on forums and services will also be helpful to you in the long run, how cool is that! It’s not cool that these questions cannot be automated, you have to do everything manually. However, it’s free and super native.

In order to succeed at blog promotion:

Sign up and leave a link to your blog in the profile. There are usually expert ratings in Q&A services: give good answers, receive lots of pluses and more attention to you and your blog.

Complement questions if there is already an answer to a question but you can complement it, do it. Especially if the question is popular, those have many subscribers.

Subscribe to desired categories/tags if it’s possible in your service. It’s convenient to monitor new questions on the subject.

Follow the rules of the service. Some of them have strict moderation, some don’t — but generally, the rules are the same: no ads, spam, swearing, porn, and other shock content. Services with strict rules usually want you to leave detailed and justified answers.

Don’t be afraid to argue with moderators when you are right. Just be discreet.

КатяKate went to travel blogs. She searched for Baikal, Spain, Thailand, and responded to all the questions without an answer. Then she searched for craft beer, street food, and repairs and told about Baikal, Spain, and Thailand. She left her links everywhere!


Then Kate filtered popular questions and complemented some answers the best she could. She repeated these actions with Q&A services. As a result, she got likes and blog visitors.


After a while, Kate noticed that an X service blocked half of her answers: they were great but similar. Kate filed an appeal and won — she responded to similar questions, so the answers were the same. She was right to do this because she helped people and didn’t violate any service rules in the process.

3. Post Articles on Other Platforms

There are some platforms that allow you to post articles for free as long as they are helpful, interesting, and unadvertised. That’s exactly what you need to promote a blog. These platforms are already popular, new readers will find you there.

Easy — Share Links to Your Articles at Websites Aggregators

People share their content and other interesting materials there. That’s why it’s not easy to fight for readers’ attention — your article may end up sharing the same page with Google news or something hype. But it’s worth a try because even 20-30 minutes on the main page of a popular aggregator will redirect hundreds and thousands of people to your website.

Popular aggregators:
Reddit, social network aggregator
Hacker News
Product Hunt

In order to succeed at blog promotion:

in order to fight your way to the main page, ask your friends and colleagues to vote for your article. Don’t give them a direct link though! They need to open the main page and scroll the feed down to your article. Otherwise, aggregators will see through your scheme, they seriously fight against such cheating.

Monitor comments to your article at the aggregator and in your blog: readers may leave their thoughts in both places.

Hard — Ask to Be an Author in the Online Media

If you want your article to be accepted in an online edition, it’s not enough to write something extraordinary, you also need to fight your way through the crowd. Editors at popular media editions have so many offers that they don’t read most of them.

In order to succeed at blog promotion:

You can sign up for services that connect editions and experts: Hey PressJustReachOut, or Help A Reporter.

Perfect — Write at Medium

Medium is a popular blogging platform by the founders of Twitter. Here, you can write for free on any subject. Details and rules are on the page for creators.

In order to succeed at blog promotion:

Start your own blog and also try to offer your materials to other Medium authors. They have a huge audience and it’s much easier to contact them than to reach some online media.

You may try to find popular blogs on your subject with the help of Top Pub. You also may look for blogs in need of an author with Smedian.

Refer to the personal blog in your articles but do it carefully. Don’t force visitors away from the platform. If you cut the article off with a link, it’ll be way too harsh. If you post the whole article and tell people that there are some additions (helpful services, courses, printouts, checklists) in the link — that’s cool.

Add a link to your personal blog in the Medium profile.

КатяKate found suitable aggregators and got used to posting every new article there. Mary and Oliver always vote for her articles and leave laudatory comments. Kate also asks her colleagues to vote for her but they aren’t always happy to have to go through the aggregator main page.


She hasn’t managed to fight her way to the popular travel media yet but Kate can’t afford to pay for agencies services so she keeps assaulting emails of different editors.


And of course, Kate started a blog on Medium. At first, she reposted all her old articles there with links to the personal blog but she held to a few cool materials in order to offer them to local popular authors.

4. Spread Your Articles Through Social Media

Social networks don’t like links to third-party platforms so how are you supposed to direct people to your blog? Use the good ol’ scheme: find popular communities on your subject and promote links to the blog through them.

Offer posts with articles to communities: if these articles are cool and the communities are not too full of themselves, they will post them. They have lots of subscribers, the coverage will be good.

Find questions you can help with. Look for them in community discussions and in the comment section. Respond and add a link to your blog if that’s appropriate.

In order to succeed at blog promotion:

Don’t try to add a link to every comment, human interactions are more valuable in social networks. Help, share your experience, earn reputation and trust. Keep the number of communities low but always remember that quality is more important than quantity.

Leave a link to the blog itself in the profile description, it’s an appropriate place to do this and people won’t miss it. It’s also important to design a good profile picture on Facebook and Twitter, so that it could be recognizable.

Make checklists out of your articles. It’s a short format that works well in social networks and is good for any kind of blog..

Post visual content on Pinterest. If your blog is full of photos, pictures, drawings — post them on Pinterest. It’s free and the coverage will be great. Create a business account and you’ll be granted access to analytics.

КатяKate knew perfectly well what subjects she wanted to cover. She quickly found suitable communities and checked the comments, she tried to seem as unobtrusive as possible while responding to people’s questions. She even shared the experience of her recent repairs a few times — it’s not the blog’s subject, so what.


She has been posting her traveling photos on Instagram for a while already and hadn’t even put a link to her blog in the header — she went ahead and fixed that. Then she posted her photos on Pinterest. She got a taste for it and shared checklists on Facebook: what kind of first-aid kit you’re going to need in Asia and in Europe.


Now it’s going to go uphill!

Kate Did It and You Will

Comments, answers, posts, and publications — they all work. You just need to find platforms with your audience, regularly work with them with a genuine desire to help people. Good marketing is always about love ;)

Don’t forget about basic SEO truths: uniqueness, keys in titles, regular posting. More details on what your content should be like and what other ways of promotion there are you can find in the «I’ve created a website, what’s next? Important tips on content and its promotion» article.

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