Find out about problems with your website immediately. Vepp sends notifications

Vepp sends notifications
Nastya Kuznetsova
Content manager

If something goes wrong, Vepp automatically notifies you to the email you registered in the panel. It will soon be able to send notifications to messengers as well!

When do you get error notifications?

The website is infected with a virus. Vepp performs daily virus scans by default. If it detects a malware, it cures the file and informs you by email.

The website is not available. There can be many causes to this: from unrenewed domain to server down. Vepp cannot sort this problem itself, but it will be sure to notify you.

Failed to create backup. The storage may have simply run out of space, but if the cause is unclear, please contact our technical support.

Failed to renew a free SSL certificate. The certificate can only be reissued if the domain is active and directs to the server with the website. If this is not the case, Vepp will notify you.


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Nastya Kuznetsova
Content manager

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As of October 14, Vepp will become free to use for a limited time. Free use of the platform is subject to two conditions.

Pasha Karpovskiy


Fraudsters will not be able to send emails on your behalf. Meanwhile, your messages will not be sent to spam.

Nastya Kuznetsova

Content manager

It is a real must, when you don’t want to do everything manually, spend time and rely on your memory.

Nastya Kuznetsova

Content manager