Wix vs WordPress. Which CMS Will Help Your Website Sell More?

Wix vs WordPress. Which CMS will help your website sell more?
Oksana Fominykh

A website has to look good. A website has to precisely bring the value of a product. A website has to sell.

There are some basic requirements for a profitable website:

  • it is SEO-optimized and gets to the top of search results;
  • it has an attractive and unique design;
  • it is credible;
  • it reflects in full the product’s value for a target audience;
  • the process of the purchase or the order is well designed — it’s easy for a client to complete the target action.

And there are also hidden requirements that are usually found out about only when the website slows down, crashes, or suffers from viruses. So what is a website that helps to avoid that?

  • it easily adjusts for peak loads — when the number of visits dramatically increases;
  • it is protected from viruses and DDoS attacks;
  • it is secure from the search engine perspective — it has an SSL certificate;
  • it has backups.

The first step in creating the perfect website is choosing a CMS — a content management system. It’s the foundation of a website and it really affects the design process, the ability to increase the hosting power, your future relationship with search engines, and the ability to meet other obvious and hidden requirements.

Nowadays, we can find two weight classes among CMSes: the classic ones and the website builders. WordPress is the classic CMSes leader, about 61,8% of websites are made with it. The most popular website builder is Wix — 2,8% of websites in the world.


 vbmWordPress interface Wix interfaceWix interface

Wix vs WordPress — What Is Better?

Let’s compare how easy it is to implement basic website requirements with these CMSes.

Search promotion. Search engines are more eager to index WordPress websites than the websites on Wix. The reason lies in code — web developers call it garbage because it is created automatically and contains a lot of errors. Search engines regard such websites as poor quality ones.

Design. You won’t need any special skills to create a website with Wix in a couple of hours. There are many simple and pretty templates that are easy to edit — everything is in the one interface. It will be more difficult for a newbie to try and figure out how WordPress works, you’ll have to master plugins or page builders, Elementor, for instance.

However, a website on WordPress is going to look more professional. There are too few possibilities to edit templates on Wix, that’s why websites tend to look similar. With WordPress, on the other hand, not only will you be able to choose a template from thousands of those tailored to your business sphere, but also configure it flexibly — create a decent website even for the premium segment.

Content. The way a website brings the product’s essence and value doesn’t actually depend on CMS, it’s a draw for Wix and WordPress in this one.

Conversion. In order for the buying process to be simple, a website needs to have convenient capture and order forms. WordPress has lots of plugins that allow you to create such forms — you can select any plugin and install it on any template. On Wix, you can only choose a template and use whatever built-in forms it has.

If it is important for you to create a website in a few hours and you don’t count on SEO, Wix will be ok. If you care for things such as a unique design, free promotion in search engines, and the ability to flexibly configure the order process — WordPress wins.

Hidden Website Requirements: Wix vs WordPress

Let’s continue talking about hidden requirements that allow a website to work correctly in the long run.

It easily adjusts to peak loads. The hosting type is responsible for the website’s load resistance. It’s important to know that Wix users only get access to shared hosting — the simplest type for websites with low load. When your business starts to grow and the number of daily visits reaches a few thousand, you won’t be able to increase the hosting power. Your website can crash, and you’ll have to move to a virtual server (VPS) — at this time, your website will still be unavailable. The same thing might happen if you launch ads: hundreds of users will follow the link at the same time and if your website isn’t able to handle it, your advertising budget won’t pay off.

For a WordPress website, you can choose any hosting type, and thus ensure its sustainability.

If you don’t want to delve into subtleties of hosting configuration, install your Wordpress website with a special site management panel. The perfect example of it is Vepp. Unlike other panels created mainly for professional admins, it allows a regular user to easily launch a server and manage it in a friendly interface.

Vepp interfaceWebsite page on Vepp

It has backups. Backups allow you to duplicate all the data and if necessary, restore the website from them. This function is available for both Wix and WordPress. On Wix, you can configure backups directly through the interface. In the case of WordPress, you’ll have to find and choose a suitable plugin and then install it. Only if you don’t have Vepp — if you do, just press the «Backup copy» button and select storage.

It is protected from viruses and DDoS attacks. Nowadays, websites often undergo virus attacks, that’s why you need to take care of security. Wix has basic protection you can’t influence. Protection of a WordPress website can be strengthened but you need to constantly monitor it. You can install an antivirus and configure it but you have to always install updates. A control panel drastically simplifies your life: it usually has built-in antivirus and automated updates, Vepp certainly does.

Website is secure from the search engines’ perspective — it has an SSL certificate. Such certificates can be both paid or free. On Wix, a basic certificate is issued after the website creation. WordPress allows you to add it with a plugin or a control panel — for example, Vepp installs it automatically.

A paid certificate can’t be installed on Wix and a free SSL won’t work for every website. You can install any paid certificate for a WordPress website with a plugin or a panel.

— SSL certificate for a website: what, why and where

In Wix you will find the majority of the essential settings in the most basic format but in one interface: backups, virus protection, SSL certificates. But you won’t be able to choose the hosting type and provide your website with stability. WordPress has many more ways to flexibly configure the design, backups, SSL and virus protection if you actually count on a stable profitable website. What’s especially valuable is that you can choose any hosting type to provide stability and decent load speed.


The main issue of WordPress is that its interface doesn’t allow you to activate all basic and hidden functions, you’ll have to configure them one by one with the help of plugins, additional services, and your hosting provider. If you want the simplicity of a website builder, choose a panel for website & server management. Vepp allows you to activate all the profitable website requirements in a few clicks.

There are businesses that website builders are absolutely contraindicated to, and they significantly benefit from creating WordPress websites and managing them with Vepp. Check whether it applies to the business you are creating a website for.

You have an online store with many product pages. Most likely, you’ll have to integrate the website with accounting systems in order to display statuses such as «in stock» and «on order». Such websites require much effort to fill them with content and need to be protected from attacks and viruses. So you won’t probably be ready to place such a website at the website builder.

Your business provides dozens of different services, for example, medical ones. On your website, you create a page for each of them and promote it on key requests. With a qualitative WordPress code and an SSL certificate, it’ll be easier for you to promote pages to the top of search results and get free traffic.

You have a creative business and the website has to reflect your uniqueness. In that case, you are going to want to make unusual functions and designs that can’t be done in a website builder.

You are creating a website for an existing business with a large internet advertising budget. In this case, you need a really sustainable website. If the number of new visitors is more than a thousand a day, you should use VPS (a virtual server) so that your website could work quickly and stably. Wix works only on shared hosting that is not enough for such purposes.

— More on hosting types

Your audience shows peaks of activity — for example, you have a popular Instagram account. Once you publish a post or a story with a link to your website, thousands of users might follow it simultaneously. Wordpress site on VPS and managed with Vepp will be able to handle any load.

Now you have everything to make the right decision and create a good-looking, stable, and profitable website.

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