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Done in Q4
  1. Antivirus for website
  2. Website statistics
  3. External backup to Google Drive
  4. Ubuntu 18 support
Done in Q1 2020
  1. Import of WP website to Vepp
  2. Automatic scheduled backups
  3. Mobile version of the website management screen
  4. Onboarding
  5. Automatic scheduled antivirus scans
  6. PHP operating mode (CGI, FastCGI)
  7. Default settings for MySQL server optimized for WordPress
  8. Notifications
  9. Extended PHP configurations
Done in Q2 2020 plans
  1. DKIM, DMARC support
  2. Caching in WordPress
  3. WordPress database optimization tool
  4. Multi-user mode
Q3 2020 plans
  1. Updating WP themes and plugins
  2. Stagging
  3. Website loading speed calculation and optimization advice
  4. Uptime-monitoring
See detailed plans in our Trello   


August 2020
  • Uptime-monitoring
  • Stagging
  • Website loading speed calculation
July 2020
  • Work with domains were extended
June 2020
  • Multi-user mode
May 2020
  • WordPress database optimization tool
  • Wordpress Permalinks
April 2020
  • DKIM, DMARC support
  • PHP modules
  • Caching in WordPress
March 2020
  • Automatic scheduled antivirus scans
  • Possibility to select and change the PHP operating mode (CGI, FastCGI)
  • Default settings for MySQL server optimized for WordPress
  • Notifications
  • Extended PHP configurations
  • Support of permalinks by default for NGINX + Apache mode
  • Auto-update of software on client servers
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