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Done in Q3
  1. Purchasing domain for a website
  2. Vepp platform for providers
  3. Vepp platform. Integrations with WHMCS and BILLmanagaer
Q4 plans
  1. Antivirus for website
  2. Import of WP website to Vepp
  3. Website statistics
  4. External backup to Google Drive
  5. Mobile version of Vepp
  6. Ubuntu 18 support
Q1 2020 plans
  1. SEO tools for WP website
  2. WordPress security tools
  3. Import from ISPmanager 5
  4. Email marketing tools
  5. Extended PHP configurations
  6. Aliases
Q2 2020 plans
  1. E-commerce tools
  2. Sandbox for WP website
  3. Updating WP themes and plugins
  4. Server monitoring system
  5. Speed optimization of WP website
  6. Firewall
See detailed plans in our Trello   


December 2019
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Ubuntu 18 support.
  • Import of WordPress website into Vepp.
  • Mobile version of Vepp.
November 2019
  • Integration with ImunifyAV.
  • Managing a subscription. Now a user can order, prolong or change details in account settings.
  • Vepp platform. Now a client that uses WHMCS can change or delete Vepp subscription. 
October 2019
  • Backups to Google Drive. Documentation.
  • Vepp platform. Updating tool in the administration area.
  • Vepp platform. API documentation, read more.
September 2019
  • Vepp platform. Purchasing a domain for website.
August 2019
  • Vepp platform. Integrations with WHMCS and BILLmanagaer.
July 2019
  • Version for providers — Vepp platform.
  • New website management screen.
  • Purchasing a domain for the website directly from a provider (feature available only when buying Vepp from hosting provider).
May 2019
  • Mail domain. Create and manage mailboxes
April 2019
  • Backups. Create backups .tar and .gz.
  • Upload multiple files, backups and extract files from archives.
  • Themes recommended by Vepp were added to Wordpress theme directory. Website creation made quicker.
March 2019
  • You can now manage servers behind the NAT.
  • Connect the server from the local network. In the File manager you can create, copy, delete, replace files and directories.
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Danya Kolesnikov

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If you have many helpful and interesting articles but your analytics leaves much to be desired.

Nastya Kuznetsova

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Now Vepp has an antivirus called ImmunifyAV. It looks for viruses and for 5€/month even treats them.

Nastya Kuznetsova

Content manager