Website set up

With Vepp, it’s easy to install WordPress on a server or prepare your server for a ready project. The control panel will install the database and PHP so all you will have to do is just enter your domain. Feel free to choose whether to trust our default parameters or apply your own unique settings.

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Website management

Once created, your website must be available and run without breaks. With Vepp, you can assign a domain, install an SSL certificate for traffic encryption and to raise browser trust, or track website visits.

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Email domain set up

Mail with your own domain is kind of a sign of good manners. It’s better to use your company’s domain to accept orders, reply to clients, or send marketing emails. It might be expensive to buy it from a third party. With Vepp, you can create an email for your domain for free.

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Website security

There is no time to sit back and relax even once your website is ready and all services are in place. Built in firewall, a free SSL certificate, and integration with antivirus ImunifyAV will help protect customers data and your reputation.

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Website means a lot of work: content, design, code. Without proper backup, you stand the risk of losing it all because of just one wrong step. Vepp can save your backup copies to a PC or Google Drive, so you can restore everything whenever you need to.

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Server configuration and control

Our intuitive and uncluttered interface is a disguise for powerful opportunities beneath. Why work in the console, when you can replace 10 commands with a couple of buttons in Vepp? Configure your LAMP, track your logs, automate anything you need!

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Management of several websites

The basic version of Vepp has all you may need to manage up to 5 websites with an unlimited number of domains from a single panel. Independent version of PHP and MySQL for every website will be available soon.

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Extensions soon

Add website builder, antivirus, DDoS protection, CDN, and other addons right from Vepp. The list of Marketplace extensions keeps growing.

Сomplex web technologies became available for everyone through simple Vepp interface

Anastasiia Vukmirovich

Product manager