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Antivirus for website ImunifyAV

Imunify AV finds malicious code and treats the damaged files. The antivirus has now been in use for 7 years, with more than 10,000 websites treated and 100500 viruses removed.

Why do you need antivirus

It protects your business

An infected website triggers search engine warnings and discourages customers. Don't count on trust or flourishing of your business then.

It protects your business

Again and again. Otherwise, you may find out that your website has been infected for days or weeks. By that time, your reputation will have been damaged already.

It finds viruses free of charge

Run a scan and the antivirus will find all Trojans, spyware, rootkits, worms and other pests.

It treats files for only 5€ per month

All it takes is one click. You can set the antivirus to treat viruses automatically after each scan.

Viruses don't stand a chance

The antivirus is updated on regular basis to make sure it will keep finding and disarming any new foes.

It treats viruses on schedule(soon)

Choose when you would like to have the website scanned, and the antivirus will launch scanning and treatment automatically.

How to scan your website for viruses free of charge

ImunifyAV is already built into Vepp, check out the Antivirus widgetn the website dashboard. Press Scan the website to check the current status.

If you see the widget turn red, it means that things are turning south: the website is infected. You can simply delete the files affected by virus, but it is not an optimal solution: viruses could infect system files critical for the website's operation. A better option is to treat all the files.

How to treat viruses with a full version of ImunifyAV

Treatment is available only in the full version, which costs 5€ per month.

Press the Treat button on the widget and Vepp will prompt you to pay for the full version of ImunifyAV through PayMaster. After the payment, the antivirus will start treatment automatically.

You can also use the antivirus through Website settings, then ImunifyAV antivirus. Another way to get the same:

  • you can Scan the website by pressing the button,
  • in the Infected files — tab you can choose to treat or delete the files,
  • In Scanning history — you can check the history of scans run in the past.


Also here, use the Website settings button to:

  • enable automatic treatment after each scan,
  • set the quantity of server resources used,
  • set the antivirus to delete only the fragment of malicious code in the file, but not the file itself.


Configure the antivirus according to your preferences. Scan your website on regular basis, or as needed if you notice any suspicious activity

Discount for providers

Sell ImunifyAV to your customers in a bundle with Vepp, it is a simple and gainful solution. The antivirus is already integrated into Vepp (available at the marketplace), all you need is to press the Add button. The more modules your customers buy, the bigger your discount will be.


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