Easily set up email for a domain

Create your domain email address with Vepp. Send emails to customers and partners from your own domain, rather than from Gmail, helping to win their trust.

Email with your own domain

Setting up an email in Vepp is simple and easy. Enter the name, and all required services will be installed automatically. Write and reply to emails in a convenient editor. You can always use your preferred email client software if you need to. Feel free to set up an auto-reply message or mail forwarding to your personal email.



Spam and virus protection (coming soon)

After some time, your new email gets flooded with thousands of fraud emails or simply useless junk mail. Vepp will enable you to set up spam and phishing protection, as well as incoming mail scanning for viruses. It will help you set up encrypted connection to email domain via SSL/TLS protocol to prevent theft of your email traffic.

Сomplex web technologies became available for everyone through simple Vepp interface

Anastasiia Vukmirovich

Product manager