Manage multiple websites from one user interface

Migrate several websites developed at different times to the server and control them from a single panel. Running a lot of projects at the same time is not a concern.

Website databases

Vepp has every capacity to manage databases: you may create or delete databases, set up remote access and download dump files, change access permissions and passwords. Different versions of MySQL/MariaDB servers may be installed for different websites (coming up). Conflict of libraries is completely ruled out.

PHP versions

If one of your websites was developed in 2008, while the other – in 2018, it can be tricky to host them together. Different versions of PHP were used between back then and now, so at least one of the websites will not function correctly. Not a problem, though, if you have Vepp. Our service enables you to install alternative PHP versions to the server, which can then be used for all modes.

Tools for freelancers and web studios (coming soon)

Now Vepp is more suitable for freelancers who create projects for customers and manage them on the server or in the cloud. But we plan to add more tools for advanced freelancers and web studios such as staging, cloning, updating WordPress themes right from the panel.

Сomplex web technologies became available for everyone through simple Vepp interface

Anastasiia Vukmirovich

Product manager