Vepp for providers

Make profit by providing your clients with a simple and powerful panel for managing VPS and clouds.

Set up a Vepp Platform on your own infrastructure and provide as a convinient SaaS solution.

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Discounts for providers

The recommended price of Vepp is 8€ a month for one user. Your discount depends on number of active users.

Users 50 500 2000
Discount 25% 37.5% 50%
Your price 6€ 5€ 4€

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Vepp Platform for providers
Learn more about Platform advantages: a single version of the panel for all users, ease of support, speed of service delivery, etc.
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Frequent questions

Which billing is Vepp integrated with?

Vepp Platform is integrated with WHMCS and BILLmanager.

We are eager to help you on any stage of integration with these platforms. If you are using a different billing we are ready to provide you with an API to integrate with Vepp.

Is Vepp better than cPanel and Plesk? Why?

We won't say that Vepp is better than any other solution. Existing hosting panels are good and full of features but more focused on developers, admins, and pros. Vepp is more simple, faster, and requires fewer tech skills, which is good for inexperienced users. You can learn more in these comparisson articles:

So the idea of Vepp differs from traditional solutions. And it is so, because when developing our panel and working on its UX we took global trends into account. The number of websites keeps increasing. WordPress gets easier to use thanks to the great variety of plugins. All in all, people need less technical skills to manage a website. Vepp is a solution for those who need all the benefits of CMS but don’t want to face complicated server settings. We kept the essential features of control panels (such as CMS, domains and databases management) but made the UX closer to a website builder simplicity.

How often is the discount recalculated?

Discount recalculation occurs monthly.

What is the minimum turnover for partners?

We are ready to connect you to the Partner discounts on Vepp if the expected number of users on the platform is more than 50 per month.

We accompany the connection of partners at each stage and treat their issues with care

Pavel Sirovatskiy

Head of Business Development