For providers

Quick start materials



  1. Who needs Vepp.
  2. Vepp advantages for provider.
  3. How the Vepp platform works.
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Integration with billing systems

  1. How to sell automatically.
  2. Integration recommendations.
  3. Example of Vepp activation email.
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Vepp on provider’s website

  1. How to use logo in the section Technologies / Partners.
  2. Information in the tariff configuration section.
  3. Section with brief description of Vepp on the VPS page.
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Materials for news

  1. Texts for mass mailing, news, social network posts.
  2. Illustrations for promo-materials.
  3. Examples of banners.
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Useful content for clients

  1. Important articles from Vepp Documentation for clients.
  2. User cases and solutions.
  3. Video-guides and articles from the Vepp blog.
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Vepp branding

  1. Name: why Vepp.
  2. Logo and how to use it.
  3. Mascot, color, and fonts.
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We walk our partners through every step and help with any questions they may have


Pavel Sirovatskiy

Head of Development team