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Branding and corporate identity

In this section, you will find up-to-date versions of the Vepp logo, its mascot, rules on how to place them and use colours and fonts, as well as ready-to-use advertisement layouts. Check this page from time to time for new materials.

Why corporate identity is so important

We ask service providers to preserve Vepp identity: do not deform its name, change the colour and fonts of the logo. There are several reasons for this.

  1. The style reflects individuality. A brief name, concise font, and appealing to the eye green colour help explain the key message. The style helps us tell: “Vepp is easy-to-use, user-friendly and modern”. Users read it without words.
  2. The style allows you to be different. Such design helps us show up for potential clients and differ from our competitors.
  3. The style improves awareness. A user can learn about Vepp in one resource and later read about it in others: media advertising, articles, and video. We use the maximum number of channels to tell about Vepp. That’s why it is important to preserve this tradition so that a client can choose the product he already knows on the provider’s website.

Follow these style requirements to sell more licenses. Our ads will work for you.

Moreover, identity and ready materials make the life of the provider’s staff easier. Everything is ready-to-go!

About name

We want to make it as simple as possible, like the panel. We see and hear that Vepp sounds similar to «web» and «app». Of course, it’s not plain to see but we tried to make it obvious.

The main requirement – do not write the name in capital letters. Vepp is not an abbreviation. If it was so, “E” would mean “easy”. Yes, the letters in the logo are similar, but they are lowercase. Compare E and e, PP and pp. They make everything clear.

About the logo, colour and fonts


Possible variants of logo usage:


Observe the protection area of the logo, i.e. free space around it:


You must use the variant on the background when Vepp is located next to order logos:


Do not paint Vepp in other colours. Look at these anti-examples:


Vepp colours

Use only the following 4 colors:

  • #30BA9A: R48 G186 B154
  • #344A5E: R52 G74 B94
  • #142630: R20 G38 B48 (do not use it for the logo, only for font and background elements)
  • #000000



We utilize Cera Pro Medium for headings and Ubuntu for the main text. You can also use them:


About mascot

We have created a mascot to show the friendliness of the control panel. Look how it demonstrates different emotions: it can be happy or sad, serious and not. But it should be simple. That’s why we were inspired by Malevich remembered geometry and painted a square.

Besides, we have the Vepp sticker pack for Telegram. We regularly add new stickers and are happy to share them with you!


We plan that a user will see the mascot in the panel, for example, when waiting for something. Later, we will give tips. And of course, we will add it to our advertising materials.


First rule

It’s better to use ready versions. If you need to add something, we will do the best variant for you!

Second rule

Add it only to appropriate places from time to time. Try to avoid excessive use!

Designer recommendations

If you want to add something, follow the recommendations from our designer.

  • do not change or add colours;
  • the body must be only green with filling without outline;
  • legs and arms – blue outline without filling;
  • follow the standard colour scheme: green, white, and blue.


Try not to change the position of the legs and arms about the central axis. They should start at the same place!

Do not change the location of the eyes and mouth, only their expression to reflect different emotions.


Working with Vepp branding is as easy as managing the panel. Only several rules. If you want something special, let’s do it together!

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Marketing specialist

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