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Vepp for clients

Vepp is a VPS control panel. It helps create a website, make a backup copy, assign a domain and SSL, check a website for viruses, and clean up files.

The key feature of Vepp is its user-friendliness. Vepp is suitable for newbies and those who cannot spend much time on configuration: owners of small to medium-sized businesses, bloggers and freelancers, web studios and site developers.

Advantages for users:

  1. Website creation in 3 steps.
  2. Ready WordPress templates in the panel.
  3. Pre-defined plugins: Let’s Encrypt, anti-viruses, and backups.
  4. Website accessibility monitoring and statistics.
  5. Clients can buy a domain name right from the panel (if their provider sells domains).
  6. No limitations like in site builders.

It’s important to focus on Vepp simplicity and features in descriptions and use them as benefits in ads.

Vepp for provider

Thanks to mass services, customers got used to simplicity and user-friendliness. Traditional hosting control panels provide a lot of difficult settings. Searching for simpler solutions, customers prefer sitebuilders to services of hosting providers.

Vepp has an intuitive web-interface. Even inexperienced users can easily create a website, assign a domain, and connect an SSL. Vepp improves customer service and loyalty. Clients reach their goals easily, continue using the services of their provider, and recommend him to friends.

Vepp advantages for providers:

  1. Clients use services for a longer time – more income.
  2. Clients can do everything themselves – fewer expenses on support.
  3. Clients recommend Vepp to their friends — your audience growths.
  4. More revenue: Vepp allows for upselling.

A new model of distribution of control panels brings an additional advantage.

Vepp platform for providers

Normally, a control panel is installed on a server. Every panel has its license. Vepp operates in a different way.

A service provider utilizes a single Vepp platform rather than multiple panels. The panel is installed only once on the provider’s equipment. Clients’ servers are connected to the platform. So, the provider has a single product. He guarantees updates and stability of the control panel.

Using the platform, the provider can sell domains and SSL. Later it will grow to a market place with custom services.

Vepp platform advantages for providers:

  1. Vepp is for everyone, do not install it on every VPS.
  2. The provider updates the panel and solves possible issues himself.
  3. It is easier to control versions for only one panel.
  4. The panel doesn’t consume resources of the client’s server – websites run faster.

How the platform works

Vepp Platform is a private SaaS-service deployed on the infrastructure of every provider. It is a set of micro-services wrapped up into Docker containers: the Vepp application, the service with plugins, monitoring tools, admin panel for a provider, market place, and so on.


Panel and sever distribution:

  1. A client orders a server with Vepp.
  2. While the system is creating the server, the billing system sends the API request to the Vepp platform to create a new account.
  3. Once the server is ready, the Vepp platform receives the SSH-access from the billing system, installs packages and the SSH access key.
  4. A client receives access details to his account in Vepp Platform.

The Vepp Platform model allows providers to avoid drawbacks of traditional panels and offers a new way of intercommunication provider-panel-client

Artem Kuvshinov

Business development manager

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