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Vepp on provider’s website

Tell about Vepp to your visitors. It will help new users to have a general idea about the new panel. Those who are looking for a provider with Vepp will see that they have found the right solution.

Information on the VPS card

Information about Vepp on the configuration form or tariff card is the mandatory minimum. Without this information, your website visitors will never understand that you offer Vepp with virtual servers. Depending on a place for Vepp positioning, you may use an icon, logo, text-description or their combination. Let’s describe several examples.

If you have little space for positioning Vepp, you can use a small icon or a text hint that will pop up when hovering the mouse cursor over it.

If you have more space, but it is still not enough to place a logo, use a text name or a hint.

The following example is suitable for detailed VPS cards or separate pages for every virtual server.

You can use other variants as well: a name in the drop-down list, information on one of the configuration steps, etc. The main idea is to make it visible for your website visitors.

Variants of text hints

  • Vepp is a user-friendly control panel for WordPress sites.
  • The panel Vepp. Makes website management easier without administrations skills.
  • The control panel Vepp. if you want to manage a server and sites on WordPress but don’t have administration skills.

Section with information about Vepp

The page with pre-defined VPS configurations is often the second most-visited website page after the main page. If you can add the section with information about Vepp to that page, do it by all means! It will enable you not only to tell about Vepp, but also demonstrate the interface, features, and general logics. This will help users to understand what to choose for their server or website management.

Text description can be supplemented with illustrations, screenshot or video. You can choose any variant that best suits your website style. The followings are three variants of texts and media materials that you can use.

Describe Vepp

Intuitive website and server control panel with every VPS

With Vepp, every user can have his website. A small landing page or an ambitious online shop based on WordPress or created from the scratch, on a VPS or dedicated server.

Vepp performs all technical operations: prepares a server, installs a CMS, configures a domain and SSL allowing you to focus on the main tasks: website creation, provisioning, content.


Vepp is an easy-to-use website and server control panel

It will create a ready WordPress website in 15 minutes after you have bought the server. Even if you don’t have administration skills with Vepp you can easily:

• prepare a web server,
• install WordPress,
• add a domain and SSL certificate,
• configure a mailbox and much more.

Show screenshots




Vepp in the advantages section

Your customers with ease of use that was not available to them before. Quickly create a website in 3 steps, install WordPress templates right from the panel, configure an SSL certificate, mail, and much more. These are the reasons to show the panel as one of your advantages.

You can utilize different approaches - what a client gains with VPS, general benefits of your company or something else.


Vepp in the logos section

If you want to create unique content about Vepp on your site, let us know – we are happy to help

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