Convenient site security settings

In addition to always up-to-date server software, which comes with every panel update, with Vepp it’s easy to:

Install SSL certificate

Are you planning to handle payments through your website? Then you must have an SSL certificate to encrypt your traffic. Without one, web browsers will be warning users about non-secured connection. Vepp will install a free SSL by default, which is sufficient to protect the connection to website. A paid SSL may be needed for organizations seeking to maximize the trust of their customers. This type of SSL is used to certify that the website belongs to a specific company. You can also easily get one through Vepp.


Install an antivirus for the website

When the website is infected with viruses, its behavior may seem strange: it may freeze, redirect you elsewhere, generate error messages etc... Yet, everything may seem normal, which is even worse. Without you knowing anything, your website and user data, and, perhaps, your entire business, is in great danger. However, that will not be on the list of your concerns with Vepp. The panel includes the ImunifyAV antivirus software. It scans for viruses and only for 5 Euros per month it will also treat them. Scanning has to be launched manually, while the treatment procedures may be set up as an automatic routine.


Set up your firewall (coming soon)

Internet fraud bots are browsing the web day and night looking for unprotected servers. They infect their prey with viruses, delete or load new content, use the resources to set up DDoS attacks, or send spam emails. Vepp offers a convenient feature of blocking access to your website with a firewall. Also, it will help you with the first critical steps in case of a DDoS attack on the server.

Сomplex web technologies became available for everyone through simple Vepp interface

Anastasiia Vukmirovich

Product manager