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Set up a server and install WordPress

To make sure your website works properly, the server requires some preparation. You need to install the web server, set up the right versions of MySQL and PHP, and create the website directory. Vepp will guide you through every step of the process. Choose the versions and indicate the domain, and Vepp will install and set everything up by itself. All you have left is to load your WordPress and website files via a convenient file manager.

site to vepp

Migrate your website from any provider

It's pretty common when a startup website uses shared hosting. However, as it grows, it needs more resources. In this case, you can migrate your WordPress website to Vepp with already connected DigitalOcean cloud or connect a VPS/cloud of your trusted provider. All you need for migrating is to specify SSH, FTP, or SFTP access to your website.

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Get free SSL with auto renewal

Vepp will easily make sure that your website can be reached by its attractive domain name rather than a set of numbers, that visitors of your old website are redirected to the new website, and that your forum runs on a subdomain. Long story short, it will make sure that your project remains familiar and convenient to your users.


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Connect domain easily

Vepp will automatically request and install a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt, and, if you buy an SSL, Vepp will help you add it to the website. The connection will be protected, helping to score a couple of extra brownie points in SEO – Google takes into account SSL certificates when generating the search query response.


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User management and roles

Maintain as many websites as you need from one panel and give the website owners access to their dashboards. It's convenient for them to see what's going on with security, backups, domains and SSL. They even can easily create extra domain email addresses.

We made it easier and faster to launch and maintain WordPress websites

Anastasiia Vukmirovich

Product manager